Case study topics for group discussion

How to approach a case study based Group Discussion

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Case study topics for group discussion

Case study topics for group discussion

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Check out these GD topics for more details. Discussion Topics on Case Studies; Group Discussion Topics on Sports; Group Discussion. Solved Case Studies for MBA, Group Discussion (GD) Topics - MBARendezvous. com. Top 4 Case Studies Topic For DESCRIPTIVE CASE STUDY. Some interesting group discussions topics: 1. Did Corruption reduce due to Demonetisation and note ban 2. Chinese Goods versus Indian.

  • There are however 2 key differences. The first is that instead of an opinion-oriented or a descriptive topic, the participants are given a case statement, which they must read so as to prepare within the given prep time a basic response, which allows them to give their perspective on the problem at hand. They expect you to arrive at it, or at least near it. The former is the norm and the latter, an exception. The former, in my opinion, is much easier than the latter because it is always easier devise a solution of your own than to evaluate that of someone else, who applied their own evaluation criteria which you must first infer and compare with your own. Luckily, only in the rarest of cases do we get to see the latter type.

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Case study topics for group discussion

Case study topics for group discussion

Case study topics for group discussion

Top 4 Case Studies Topic 2019

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Case Study Based Group Discussion

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Given is the list of long case studies for your practice. Enhance your level Get an Insight on Handling GDs with the given solved GD Topics. The Video Games. The process of a case study group discussion is similar to topical or a descriptive topic, the participants are given a case statement, which. In this lesson, Reeju discusses simple case study as a part of the GD process. She discusses how to analyze the situation, understand the alternatives in. Group Discussion is an integral part of MBA admissions. Here's how to Read up about as many case study topics as you can. The purpose of. Topic based GD's can be classified into 3, they are as below: Factual In the case study there are no incorrect answers or perfect solutions. The objective in. Practice Case Studies Case Study I There is a peculiar situation in a particular firm. A talented woman employee is the only earning member of. The Group Discussion that is conducted in the B-School admission process can be of several types. Group Discussion on a Case Study is a growing form of GD. Case study topics for group discussion

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The Six Steps of Approaching a Case-study based Group Discussion

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Case study topics for group discussion

Case study topics for group discussion

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